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Cigar Lake Mine Development

Site supervision services, consulting, monitoring and on-site engineering performed by senior engineer and two tunnel inspectors. Subsequent design for tunnels and junctions supporting mine development.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
September 01, 2012
Completion date:
2121, 11th St W
Saskatoon, SK S7M 1J3
Technical data:
Geology description:

Highly thermo hydraulically weathered metapelites in form of weak rock and clayey-silty-sandy soils, highly anisotropic, cut with slickensided graphitic planes.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
$50 million CAD
Service areas:
Construction methods:

Cameco's Cigar Lake is the world's highest grade uranium deposit. It is considered one of the world's most technically challenging uranium deposits to mine. The ore body and the ground around has to be bulk frozen prior to extraction of the ore using high pressure water jets. Development of the freeze/production cross-cuts takes place beneath the ore body in unstable, soil-like, highly weathered and anisotropic rock. A flexible shotcrete lining with longitudinal slots and special yielding elements together with systematic rock bolting were utilized to cope with squeezing ground conditions. Site presence and additional engineering and design efforts supported the mine development for tunnels and junctions.

Pocket excavation in unstable ground conditions
Installed yielding elements prior to spraying shotcrete