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B 27 Bypass Tunnel Oberrieden

Detailed design, instrumentation and construction supervision
Estimated cost: Commencement:
December 28, 1990
Completion date:
December 28, 1992
Bad Sooden-Allendorf
37242 Oberrieden, Hesse
Technical data:

Two lane road tunnel, 520 m length, construction techniques incl.: NATM, Doorframe Slab Method, Cut & Cover, Barrel Vault Method under existing railway embankment.

Geology description:

Bunter Sandstone (sandstone, clystone), sand, clay and 120 year old railway embankment (rock fill, sand, clay, gravel).

Geology Types: Mixed Face

Bid cost: Final cost:
Service areas:

The German Federal Railway Authority imposed high demands on safety since it did not allow for any disruption to railway traffic.

Barrel Vault Method, Doorframe Slab Method

Canopy, start of shotcrete work
Canopy, anchor beam
Installation of the Barrel Vault
Portel under construction, barrel vault completed
Doorframe slap, I-beam installation
Installation of the barrel vault
Top heading
Sidewall drift, top heading, grouting of foundation aera
Sidewall drift, grouting at invert & bench
Sidewall Dirft, Bench
Side Drift Top Heading, Break Through
Cross Section, Excavation Sequences
Side Wall Drift, Temporary Shotcrete Invert at Top Heading
Sidedrift, Top Heading, Shotcreting
Installation of the Barrel Vault, Drill
Sketch of Railway Underpass
Finished Portal
Grouting at Invert and Bench
Installed Barrel Vault
Door Frame Slab, Open Cut for Slab Preparation
Portal Preperation
Pipes isntalled
Pipes installation at T.H.
Pipes installation at T.H
Installed barrel vault
Barrel Vault pipe/whole through
Pump utilities
Installation of Pipes
Cement for grouting
Installation of pipes
Equipment Drill Rig
Drill device
Installation of pipes
In_Situ test
Project Overview and different Construction Methods
Excavation and Support Concept
Scheme of the Doorframe Slab Method
Doorframe Slab Method
Scheme of the Barrel Vault Method
Barrel Vault at S-Portal
Barrel Vault at N-Portal
Barrel Vault Pipe Installation
Shotcrete Canopy at S-Portal
Tunnel Portal beneath Active Rail Line
Shotcrete Middlewall
Finished Tunnel