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Boston Central Artery Project, C19E1 - I93 Leverett Circle / Storrow Drive Connectors

Detailed Design including Contract Documents
Estimated cost: Commencement:
April 30, 1997
Completion date:
October 22, 2003
Boston, MA
United States
Technical data:

Ramp S-N, two lane highway, total length 600 ft, span 41 to 48 ft. Doorframe Slab Method adopted in areas where the cover was < 10 ft. Utility room breakout and pump station shaft. Reinforced shotcrete primary lining; waterproofing system with a reinforced conrete secondary lining.

Geology description:

Fill, Organic Silt, Fine Sand and Silt, Alluvium, Marine Clay, Glaciomarine Drift and Outwash, Glaciolacustrine sediments overlying Argillite and Hornfels bedrock at depth. Groundwater approximately 8 ft below ground surface.

Service areas: