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Boston Central Artery Project CTA I-93 / Tunnel I-90, C15A1 / C15A2

Value Engineering: Identification and Outline of Alternative Construction Techniques
Estimated cost: Commencement:
December 23, 1996
Completion date:
October 21, 2003
Boston, MA
United States
Technical data:

Complex layout of urban highway ramps with numerous off and on slips, intersections and over ramps. Mined tunnel option developed using primary shotcrete lining, with lattice girders, waterproofing and reinforced concrete secondary lining. Design of Alternative construction sequencing.

Geology description:

Fill, Organic Silt, Fine Sand and Silt, Alluvium, Marine Clay, Glaciomarine Drift and Outwash, Glaciolacustrine sediments overlying Argillite and Hornfels bedrock at depth. Groundwater approximately 8ft below ground surface.

Service areas: