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Brighton Storm Water Relief Scheme

NATM design of the shaft bottom, TBM chamber, mucking bunker and backshunt
Estimated cost: Commencement:
June 27, 1993
Completion date:
November 27, 1993
United Kingdom
Technical data:

11.6 m diameter shaft, approx. 45 m deep. Concrete segmental construction to 24.95 m OD. NATM construction to the base at -43.25 m OD with a 7.5 m span TBM launch chamber and mucking bunker, 40 m long, and 4.0 m diameter backshunt adit, 13.5 m long.

Geology description:

Made Ground overlying Marine Gravels overlying upper Chalk. The NATM shaft and adits were excavated within the Upper Chalk which had numerous flint bands. Seawater was consistently flowing trough the joints and flint bands.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
Service areas:
Longitudinal Section and Cross Section
TBM in Launch Shaft