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Eisenhower Tunnel

Tunnel Inspection/Technical Summary Report and Expert Witness Services
Estimated cost:
March 01, 1990
Completion date:
July 01, 1990
Denver, CO
United States
Technical data:

The Eisenhow tunnel is the highest highway tunnel in the world with an average elevation of 11,100ft. As a result, it is subject to sever weather conditions throughout the year. Cross Sections:(2) 48 ft. width x 40 ft. height Length: 8,941 ft. (7,789 ft. mined in rock) CDOT submitted a claim against the manufacturer of pre-fabricated till wall panels that failed due to excessive water/ice build-up. DSC provided on-site inspection of both tunnels then produced a comprehensive technical report on remedial solutions to counter water/ice inflows within tunnels

Geology description:

75% granite, 25% gneiss, pockets of augite diorite; presence of faults and sheer zones as well as solid bedrock.

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