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Jubilee Line Extension: Contract 102 - Waterloo and Westminster Station

Value engineering: NATM alternative design at tender stage
Estimated cost: Commencement:
October 29, 1993
Completion date:
May 29, 1996
United Kingdom
Technical data:

New Underground Station: NATM works comprising platform tunnels, central concourse, cross passages, ventilation tunnels etc.

Geology description:

Made Ground, Alluvium / Terrace Gravels, London Clay.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
Service areas:
Lattice Girder, Botom - Detail
Excavation - Crown with Excavator
Excavation with Excavator
Excavation Top Heading Finished
Exavation of Heading (left part) finished
Finsihed Initial Lining
Face support (Bench)
Excavation Bench
Excavation Bench-Invert& Crown
Excavation Full Face
General Layout of the NATM Works
Optimized Cross Section with typical Waterproofing and Drainage Details
Overview and Cross Section
Invert Excavation
Shotcrete Application
Sidewall Drift
Reinforcement of the Final Lining
View of Tunnel Junction before Final Lining
Finished Tunnel