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3rd Street Light Rail Project - Chinatown Station

Tunneling Sub-Consultant on NATM Subway station design
Estimated cost:
January 01, 2002
Completion date:
October 22, 2003
San Francisco, CA
United States
Technical data:

Conceptual and preliminary engineering services for the Chinatown Station of the MUNI Light Rail System in San Francisco. The responsibilities include constructability evaluations, alignment and construction alternatives studies and preparation of preliminary design documents. Alternatives, including deep bored tunnel vs. shallow NATM tunneling will be evaluated.

Geology description:

Rugged bedrock hills consisting of highly deformed fractured rock of the Franciscan formation, overlain by sedimentary marine deposits (Colma Sands), fluvial deposits (Alluvium) and artificial fill. Very dense sands, inter-fingering of moderately plastic stiff silty clay.

Service areas:
Construction methods: