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Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Wayside Ventilation Shaft and Tunnels

NATM alternative design and site supervision.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
February 25, 2002
Completion date:
October 20, 2003
1 Kemble St
United Kingdom
Technical data:

2 ventilation tunnels: 32 m² (344 sqft), 2 enlarged ventilation tunnels: 38 m² (409 sqft), 2 drop shafts: 75 m² (807 sqft), 1 horizontal and inclined emergency intervention tunnel: 19 m² (205 sqft), 1 horizontal cross passage chamber: 31 m² (334 sqft) with 4 cross adits underlining the London - Tilbury railway lines.

Geology description:

Made ground, terrace gravel, London Clay formation; groundwater level 1m bgl; cover to terrace gravel less than 3m.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
£50 million GBP
Service areas:

The Wayside ventilation shaft is one of five needed to provide ventilation and emergency access for the London Tunnels section of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. The tunnels were designed as permanent sprayed concrete-lined, constructed in two phases, temporary primary and permanent secondary linings. The required watertightness will be achieved by staggering the joint locations between the two linings, utilising internal curing agents and steel fibres in the secondary lining sprayed concrete and using injectable flexible tubes in the joints of the secondary lining.

3D model of tunnel structure
Secant pile wall
Plan of Tunnel Structure
Construction Site
Surface View from Shafthead
Breakout of Cross Adit