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East London Line - Thames Tunnel Refurbishment

Design of the tunnel refurbishment works including the waterproofing and drainage, the new tunnel lining and track slab, and the new track alignment. Construction supervision.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
November 01, 1995
Completion date:
January 01, 1997
Rotherhithe, London
United Kingdom
Technical data:

The brick lined tunnel constructed by Mark Brunel between 1825 and 1841 was the first to be bored underwater using a shield and comprised of a twin arch tunnel, 375m in length, with cross passages every 5.5m. The new lining has been designed to minimizethe removal of existing structural brickwork and has a similar shape with cross passages to match the original tunnel. The reinforced concrete/shotcrete lining includes steel fibers to increase the strength and durability of the lining. A waterproof membrane has been installed around both tunnels and the cross passages between the structural brickwork and the new concrete lining.

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