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Southport Deep Shaft

NATM design and construction supervision
Estimated cost: Commencement: Completion date:
United Kingdom
Technical data:

9 m (29.5 ft) excavated dia. 80 m (262 ft) deep vertical shaft for sewage treatment. Upper 28 m (92 ft) of shaft excavation supported using diaphragm walls with the remaining 52 m (170 ft) excavated using NATM with a reinforced shotcrete primary lining. Permanent lining comprises slipformed reinforced concrete.

Geology description:

Beach Sand overlying Mercia Mudstone overlying Halite (rock salt).

Geology types:
Service areas:
Sahft wall, support elements
Plan View
Cross Section
Overhead View showing Shaft
View from the Shaft Base
Work at Shaft Base
Reinforcement before Shotcrete Lining Installation
Shaft at the Surface
One Round of Shaft Excavation Completed
Crane at Shaft Surface