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WMATA Red Line - Waterproofing Concept

Service Establishing a membrane based waterproofing system for a running tunnel rehabilitation incl. feasibility and construcibility.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
September 26, 1987
Completion date:
May 01, 2002
Washington, DC
United States
Technical data:

Several running tunnels of the WMATA Red Line in Washington, DC, constructed in the 1970s using both drill and blast and TBM excavation method.

Geology description:

Piedmont Geolgic Plain, shallow crystalline bedrock with a high permeability.

Service areas:

The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) faces serious problems related to water intrusion in sections of the Red Line. Especially in the Northwestern Section water leakage by far exceeds the acceptable limits. The consequences include electrical malfunctions, icing and clogging of the drainage system as well as deterioration of the tracks and the utilities in the tunnels. They are detrimental to an efficient operation and represent considerable safety hazards. The report describes a permanent, none adhesive waterproofing layer system for the rehabilitation of the WMATA Red Line tunnels and underground structures. It shows the feasibility and constructibility of the selected approach for a single tunnel and shaft, similar solutions will be developed for adits, crossovers, etc.

Waterproofing Drawing
Waterproofing installed onto roof slab
Installation of the PVC-Membrane in the air duct
Rehabilitation Work Schedule
Waterproofing Concept Shaft
Rehabilitation Work Section
Rehabilitation Work Schedule