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Bond Street Station Upgrade Design

Design of the primary and secondary sprayed concrete linings, 3D FE modelling of all SCL tunnels including excavation steps and ground movement assessments.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
January 01, 2011
Completion date:
January 01, 2013
Oxford Street
United Kingdom
Technical data:
Geology description:

The tunnel horizon is generally within the London Clay formation with the lowest tunnels sitting in the Lambeth Group, where clay layers and water bearing clayey sands are inter-changing.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
£150 million GBP
Service areas:
Construction methods:
Tunneling under:
Excavation area:
Tunnel length:

Bond Street tube station is a major gateway to London's West End served by both the Central and Jubilee lines. As part of the LU tube upgrade plan, the station is undergoing a major upgrade to increase capacity, improve accessibility and create interchange with the new Crossrail station. The project provides two additional escalators from the interchange level to the Jubilee line, low-level interchange route between the Central and Jubilee lines, a new step-free entrance, ticket hall and new lifts. The majority of the tunnelling works will be mechanically excavated and lined with sprayed concrete.

3D view of proposed tunnelling and existing infrastructure
Connection chamber one
Graphic  showing split of 3D FE models
3D Graphic showing construction site and building frame used for laydown/plant
Northern Tunnels in relation to Jubilee Line platforms and Post Office Tunnel
Binocular Tunnel at Jubilee Platform level