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Section E4a, Greenbelt Route, Georgia Avenue - Petworth Station

Waterproofing design and construction support services
Estimated cost: Commencement:
December 28, 1994
Completion date:
December 28, 1997
Washington, DC
United States
Technical data:

PVC membrane waterproofing Cut & Cover Station, including crossover, service rooms, ventilation structures, station entrances. Overall length: 1,090 ft (332 m); average depth: 75 ft (23 m); waterproofed area: 275,000 sqft (25550 m²).

Geology description:

Very compact light gray clayey or silty medium fine sand. Dark gray plastic clay. Light gray/green fine grained hornblende quartz diorite, highly weathered to slighty weathered.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
Service areas:
Installation at the wall
Waterproofing at TBM portal
Airial photo
Running Tunnels entering the Station Shaft
Installation of Running Tunnel Waterproofing System
Waterproofing System at Junction Running Tunnel and Station Shaft
Construction of Cut & Cover Section
Doorframe Slab Cross Section and Plan