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Luck Stone Fairfax Plant โ€“ Inspection Works

In-depth inspection of a connector tunnel in accordance with TOMIE manual and the SNTI manual of the U.S. Department of Transportation - FHWA.
Estimated cost: Commencement:
July 01, 2016
Completion date:
July 31, 2016
15717 Lee Hwy
Centreville, VA, VA 20121
United States
Technical data:
Geology description:

The prevalent rock type of the tunnel is diabase. The rock mass is moderately jointed, with closely to very closely spaced joints. The rock is slightly weathered.

Geology types:
Bid cost: Final cost:
Service areas:
Construction methods:
Tunneling under:

Inspected tunnel connects two quarries at the Luck Stone Corporation Fairfax plant. The tunnel crosses beneath the Lee Highway (US Route 29), in a North-South direction. Built ca. 1975, the tunnel is partially unlined and in rock; approx. 190 feet long and approx. 22 feet wide and 22 feet high. As the Northern quarry side is already exhausted, the tunnel is rarely used with just one or two transits per day.
Dr. Sauer & Partners performed an in-depth inspection of a connector tunnel; assessed the tunnel condition and provided remedial measures.

Connector Tunnel - North Portal / Highwall
Connector Tunnel - South Portal / Highwall